Back to Work 2016

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Target Australia: Abstract Mono Singlet $25, Luxe Jogger Pants $45, Cat-eye Sunglasses $15 & Black Fur Watch $20

It’s the beginning of a new year and it’s without question that we all want to have a fresh look wardrobe.
The holidays were a perfect time to do shopping before the clock ticked over to 2016. I took advantage of the sales and spent way to much but I made some smart buys, investing in new office wear.

 I shopped at Target and found stylish, comfortable, great quality and versatile pieces that I can get a lot of wear from and also easy to mix and match with my current wardrobe pieces. I stuck to basic tones such as Black, White, Grey, Khaki, Navy or Neutrals. I also found some great accessories to match with my looks at really affordable prices. I’m loving there new collection of sunglasses.

I hope you also picked up some great work pieces!